Chips in Cambridge

This is Ali and John's really good idea. The CL here in Cambridge has a map of pubs in Cambridge. There is only two cinemas, so not much choice there. All that is required to finish off a nights entertainment is a guide to where to get good chips.

Now that this is vaguely established, time for a disclaimer: the comments here are all our own opinion. Other people may disagree. Don't blame us.

Tube map style of Cambridge showing chippie locations

The main potato dish is classed as chips or fries and given a grade:
0-don't bother. 1-Edible. Can do better elsewhere. 2-Good. 3-REALLY good. Must have.

Fajito's (Mill Road): Greek chippie. Service is a little odd, but the food is pretty good. If they ask if you want chillie sauce, only say yes if you like things HOT. Chips are chunky and sort of crispy with reasonabe flavour but not so good cold.
Chips: grade 2. £0.80/1.?0

Bosphorus (Mill Road): Something to do with the Orient Express. Ali describes the chips as "fried in washing up liquid". They are thin (hense we have labeled them fries), soft and chewey.
Fries: grade 0. £1

Cavendish (Madingley Road): OK, so you will have to do a degree in physics to get in here. Chips are alright. Treacle pudding is excellent.
Chips: grade 1-2.

Royal Fast Food (Mill Road): was shut when we went.

ABC BAR B QUE (Mill Road - Cherry Hinton side of the bridge): Chips were okay, maybe slightly overdone. Can't say much for or against them. They also sell salads *boggle*.
Chips: grade 2.

King Fast Food (Mill Road - Cherry Hinton side of the bridge): Pretty good. Chips were hot, crispy and soft in the middle. A little lacking in flavour, but at least they didn't taste of oil or fat.
Chips: grade 2-3. £0.90

Mega Meals (Burleigh Street, off East Road): A place that looks a little like a KFC and serves everything from kebab to fish cake. Tidy but a little bland.
Fries: grade 1.

Tony's Chinese (and chips) (Norfolk Street, off East Road): Fairly typical chinese take-away that also serves fish and chips. Chips are quite reasonable, a little crispy on the outside and a little underdone.
Chips: grade 1-2.

Gardie's (Rose Crescent): The chippie in the centre of town. Also a Greek resturant. Always friendly, usually busy, and always open. The quality of the chips is very variable from crispy outer and soft inside, to tough outer and soft inside, to soft all the way through. It depends who's cooking.
Chips: grade 1-3.

Van of Life (Market Square): The other place for chips in town. Fries which are crispy like McDonald's, but which are fatter and contain potato in the middle. Very efficient, very consistent. Nice but nothing really special.
Fries: grade 2.

McDonald's (Rose Crescent and Madingley Road opposite Churchill): Well we all know what McD's is like. Fries that are only hot and crispy sometimes and are hollow. In addition they come pre-salted, sometimes with too much, sometimes too little.
Fries: grade 0-1.

KFC (East Road): Errr. See McDonald's.

Burger King (St Andrew's Street, opposite Robert Sayle): Much like McDonald's really. Fries which are marginally fatter if I rememer correctly and have a funny chemical taste.
Fries: grade 1.

Visking Fish and Chips (Milton Road, between Elizabeth Way and Arbury Road). Mmm. Well cooked chips (nice and uniformly soft without being squishy). Maybe slightly greasy. Ali has started going odd, saying that he didn't really like them, but then he says he likes Bosphorus chips now! I liked these anyway. Some locals told us that the quality vaies a bit which is why they don't get a straight 3.
Chips: grade 2-3.

Pizza Quick (Regent Street). Crispy fries - well they were nice and crispy when served, the journey home softened them a little. Good flavour but maybe slightly undercooked and a little oily.
Fries: grade 2.

KBC Bar B Que (Hills Road, a little way north of Station Road). Looks like they knicked the name from ABC Bar B Que, but who cares, they can cook chips well. Soft, with good flavour. These are the soft of chips that have a sort of crispy outside, on the thinner bits.
Chips: grade 2-3.

Jacks (Cherry Hinton Road). Most of the chips were well cooked with a good flavour. However, some are a little underdone, some a little burnt. A solid 2 but no more.
Chips: grade 2. £1.35?

Van of Tek (Near Coe Fen). To be honest I can't remember. This means they were probably grade 2.