This page is intended to carry all the latest information on the CICCU mission which will happen in Lent term 1999. At the moment it is kinda just concepts and ideas, but here is is anyway for your information and your suggestions/comments/ideas.

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Cheers for all the responses to the questionnaires, keep the ideas coming.

Rich Caldwell, Mary Swanborough, Matt Hockley & Sas Cole

  • an evening of 17th century to 20th century classical music (Bach, Stravinsky, Macmillan and some other) and hopefully Andrew Romsey will read some poetry and others will read some of Michael O'Siadhail's work. Jeremy Begbie (concert pianist) will round the evening off with a 5 min talk.
  • films will be shown around Cambridge - Dead Man Walking will be one, The Jesus Video another.
  • Various MPs have been written to about speaking on the relevance of Jesus Christ to their lives in parliament. An ex-IRA terrorist may also be speaking on the impact Christ had on his life.
  • Towards the end of the evening, there may be a taize service adjacent to the cafe, so people can chill and meet with God.

    There will be gospel talks on friday - sunday evenings. James Lawrence is speaking at these. -->


    Just a quick cut and paste for now. I'll tidy it up tomorrow. The Freedom Bar will be in the Henry Martyn Hall Fri-Sun (I think).

    Monday 18th Jan
    Christianity: Just another story? Josh Moody, Pembroke Old Library, 1-2pm, talk starting at 1:15.

    Tuesday 19th Jan
    One God One Faith: Is Christianity arrogant? Mark Ashton, Keynes room, King's, 1-2pm, talk starting at 1:15.

    Wednesday 20th Jan
    When Adam met Eve: The Bible and love. Russell Knell, Pembroke Old Library, 1-2pm, talk starting at 1:15.

    Thursday 21st Jan
    A loving God in a world of suffering? Richard Cunningham, Keynes Room, King's, 1-2pm, talk starting at 1:15.
    Shadowlands. Showing at St Andrew the Great from 8pm.

    Friday 22nd Jan
    Christianity: Something other people do? Stephen Timms MP, Pembroke Old Library, 1-2pm, talk starting at 1:15.

    Main talks:- FREEDOM: a way of life
    Friday 22nd - in the present.
    Saturday 23rd - from the past.
    Sunday 24th - for the future.
    St Andrew the Great. 8-9pm. Speaker: James Lawence

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    The Mission is now over (but check out the Freedom 2 events. Anyway, I will shut down the mailing list soon.

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