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Encountering Jesus Christ

The University Church (Market Square). 8 - 9pm

Sunday 8th February
Introducing Jesus. John 1. >>

Monday 9th February
Jesus encounters religion John 3. >>

Tuesday 10th February
Jesus encounters emptiness John 4. >>

Wednesday 11th February
Jesus encounters desire John 6. >>

Thursday 12th February
Jesus encounters prejudice John 9. >>

Friday 13th February
Jesus encounters grief John 11. >>

Saturday 14th February
Jesus encounters death John 19. >>

Sunday 15th February
Jesus: an encounter with life? John 20. >>

The Digm Bar

Open every evening after the main talk (as listed above). Go to St Michael's Hall (opposite Caius) for coffee and entertainment.

College Events

Colleges have guests staying and will be organising their own, smaller events. The colleges list has links to college Christian Union web sites which MAY list Paradigm Shift events in your college.

Topical Lunchtime Events

Lunch for £1. 1:05 - 1:55pm

Monday 2nd February

'One mountain, many paths... do all religions lead to God?'
A Christian from a Hindu background speaks.
Latimer Room, Clare

'Love your neighbour as yourself'?
A look at Christian hypocrisy with a History Fellow.
Pembroke Old Library


Monday 9th February

Truth and Reconciliation - an impossible dream?
South Africa, Bosnia, Rwanda - the issues explored with David Cook of 'The Moral Maze'.
Keyne's Hall, King's

'Everybody Hurts... sometimes'
Hope in pain: Fiona Castle, wife of Roy, shares her story.
St. Andrew the Great
>;>; Roy and Fiona Castle >;>;

Tuesday 3rd February

'Whose life is it anyway?'
Abortion, Mercy-killing, Suicide.
Pembroke Old Library

'Money, status, power... what more do I need?'
Is there a secret to contentment?
Keyne's Hall, King's


Tuesday 10th February

Christians make better lovers!?
Pembroke Old Library

Has science made God redundant?
Keyne's Hall, King's
Christianity and Science >>

Wednesday 4th February

Paradigm Shift
Why should the Bible story be my story?
Pembroke Old Library


Wednesday 11th February

'What if God was one of us?'
A look at Islam and Christianity.
Pembroke Old Library
(no food provided)
Answering Islam >>

Restoring Hope
A performance exploring through 20th century music what it means to have Christian hope in today's world.
With Jeremy Begbie (LRAM, ARCM)
Clare Chapel

Thursday 5th February

Aliens, Angels and the Unexplained.
Ramsden Room, Catz

'Honest John?'
Is John's gospel reliable?
Pembroke Old Library
Contradictions >>


Thursday 12th February

Why is Christianity so sexist?
Keyne's Hall, King's

Faith - a psychological crutch?
Ramsden Room, Catz
Is it? >>

Friday 6th February

Crystals? Tarot? Mediums?
How can we harness our spirituality?
Ramsden Room, Catz

Am I just a code sequence surfing in Cyberspace?
Pembroke Old Library


Friday 13th February

'I can't tolerate your intolerance'
The arrogance of Christianity.
Keyne's Hall, King's

Three good reasons to become a Christian
St. Andrew the Great

Saturday 7th February

Rugby International - England v France
Afterwards, Va'aiga Tuigamala talks on a video about his rugby and his faith.
Union Building


Saturday 14th February

Question Time
You set the agenda, for a panel including Paul Weston.
St. Andrew the Great

The White Horse Tavern

Look out for the White Horse Tavern in the weeks following Paradigm Shift. A chance to discuss Jesus, spirituality or Paradigm Shift generally in an informal atmosphere.


CCMS are performing a musical in the week after Paradigm Shift. 'WorldView' presents a brief and mostly light-hearted overview of life.

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