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Here is CICCU's official Web site. I hope you like it.

I have hopefully written these pages in such a way that anyone can read them with any reasonable browser. Hense you will find some pictures, but all with text alternatives etc. and there are tabled and non-tabled versions of the diary. If you have a problem with anything being incompatible with your browser, please mail me [below]. This site has been approved by every standard on the WebTech's html validation service, only generating one error for 'strict' standards - which I didn't understand.

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Recent Changes

Tuesday 16th March
After two years of managing the site, I am finally handing it over to new management. *sniff* Myself and Andrew McDonald are being replaced by Andrew Bower and Luke Plant. If you use CICCU e-mail addresses you will always be able to e-mail the appropriate people. Anyhow, I've had a fun time trying to keep this site up to date, and I hope it has been useful to you. Bye. John.
Saturday 6th March
At the BR tonight, Paul Weston recommended and gave out copies of a Bible Reading scheme. I have made a start at putting it on the web site. Cheers to Tim for this one.
Wednesday 3rd March
Confirmed End of Term Prayer and Praise. Details in the Term Diary
Monday 1st March.
Added a few events that are happening at the end of term. For those involved, Gen Comm is 7pm 11th March in the usual location.
Sunday 21st February.
Another update to the reps list. Just wondering how many people actually read this. If you do, could you e-mail me ( please, so I know. Whilst you're at it, I've been thinking about remodelling the website. What do you think? What colour should it be? Ho hum. Give me feedback. Look, here's a form for it:
Name (optional):
E-mail (optional):
Friday 19th February.
Updated list of reps.
Sunday 14th February.
Updated Cauis Rep name.
Wednesday 10th February.
This is getting dull - there is nothing to do with the website. I'll just keep moving the "this week" pointer.
Monday 25th January.
Mission over, but check out the Freedom 2 events. Have updated the "this week" label and corrected the spellings of a couple of Reps names. Now know many more people in CICCU, having met them over Freedom.
Monday 18th January.
Put a timetable of events on the mission page. Just a quick cut and paste for now, I'll tidy it up tomorrow.
Wednesday 13th January.
Another little plea from the computing officers: we need sucessors. I think we would both like the be able to hand over at the end of this term. Please e-mail us if you think you might be suitable/ameanable.
Tuesday 12th January nineteen ninety-nine.
Added the (up-to-date) details for this term. The printed term card has errors.

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