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The tapes department at CICCU has a collection of recordings of almost all the Bible Readings, Evangelistic Addresses and Friday night events, Mission talks, Houseparty Bible Readings and Seminars back to 1976, and some before then. Altogether there are well over 1,000 archived.

The whole database is available in searchable format, and this should now be available year round. When it is not, we have a static copy of the catalogue in order of title, serial, speaker and text. Each is about 100KB long and is current to the end of 1996.


Tapes of each Bible Reading are normally available immediately from the tape stall at the end of the meeting (yes, that's right!). Other tapes can be ordered then, and are normally available the following week. It is a lot easier for us if you know the serial numbers of the tapes if they are not from this term, but it's not essential (look them up).

Tapes can also be ordered by email to soc-ciccu-tapes@lists.cam.ac.uk. These will be available as soon as possible, and if ordered before Thursday, stand a reasonably good chance of being ready on Saturday (larger orders will take longer to put together). Tape orders can readily be sent outside Cambridge, with a small charge to cover the cost of postage and packing.


If you have any comments about CICCU Tapes, or any suggestions about how we might do our job better, please email us.

We need your help!

CICCU Tapes involves a lot of work. We aim to record most CICCU meetings, of which there are about twenty in each term; more still during a Mission. There is also stall-manning, administration and lots of copying (in Lent 1998, for example, we produced almost one thousand tapes to order!).  If you would like to take the opportunity to serve God in this way, or would just like to find out more, please have a word after a Bible Reading, or let us know. There are plenty of non-technical things to do, and experience isn't necessary -- full training can be provided.

CICCU Tapes, as part of CICCU, is not a profit-making organisation. We see the tape library as a fantastic resource, and want the tapes made available to as many people as would benefit by receiving them, in line with CICCU's aims. For this reason, we keep the costs of the tapes as low as possible. Any surplus is used to maintain our equipment, and purchase new equipment where necessary. Any left over after that is used for CICCU's work.


Last updated 12oct99. Comments or questions to soc-ciccu@lists.cam.ac.uk