The CICCU Week

The events shown below occur most weeks during Full Term. For other events and details about the events below, week by week, see the term timetable. If the text below is complete junk, try the table free version.

Day Time Place Description
Monday Lectures and work and such.
Thursday 8-8:50am The Henry Martyn Hall International Breakfasts International
...are where the challenges abound - can you get out of bed this early? Can you find a more delicious breakfast with better company? Can you afford to miss hearing about what God is doing around the world?
7:30-9 pm St Andrew the Great Cross and Crescent Seminars.International
A three week series of seminars looking at what Muslims believe and how Islam relates to Christianity.
Friday 6-8 pm Stoneyard Centre [FREEDOM 2]
An opportunity for anyone to discuss and investigate the claims of Jesus Christ. A meal is provided (£2), followed by a short talk and then discussion over coffee.
Saturday 1-2:15 pm St Andrew the Great Colleges prayer meeting
Prayer is one of the most important ways that we can be involved in God's work - and without it our efforts to live for Christ and witness to our friends will be in vain. But it can be hard, and praying together helps us to persevere. So why not make a commitment to come to the CPM where we pray for our friends in the University and the world around us.
7-8:15 pm Eden Baptist Chapel Bible reading this term: Romans-the basis of our faith
Christians from many denominational backgrounds come together to hear passages of the Bible clearly explained by experienced church leaders and Bible teachers from across the country. Find out what will be happening in the coming week and visit the CICCU book stall to buy the Book of the Term:
DON CARSON. A Call to Spiritual Reformation.
Sunday Try one of the local churches.

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