D:play on..

The gig: 25th February 1999, Cambridge Corn Exchange.

I managed to get a free ticket for this one. I heard that help was needed moving kit into the Corn Exchange and offered my services (along with a few freinds), to the person who was organising things this end; Sarah, youth worker at StAB. We turned up that morning to find that the Corn Exchange had provided pro-roadies, so we were not needed. Still, we got to hang around and watch the rig. I won't go on much about the technical details, it was a fairly typical rock rig - big stacks of speakers and loads of Parcans. GL3000 and Avolites desks, and whole load of really cute lighting specials (glitter ball, projected rotating gobo/prism effect, flashing beacons and a starfield). Latter in the afternoon I helped Sarah (and others) cook lazagne for the crew. This is my only claim to fame: I cooked dinner of Deliriou5?.

For the gig itself the Corn Exchange was stuffed (not what they expected). Despite virtually no publicity and even the Corn Exchange denying that d: were playing until a few weeks before hand, there was a capacity crowd (c.2000 I'm told). The warm-up act was ... (bother, can't remember her name - wife of the sound technician according to Chris). Solo act singing and playing accoustic guitar. She had an amazingly high-pitched voice and her guitar was similarly "bright". Her lyrics seemed to come a lot from personal experience and her style reminded me a bit of Sarah Mason (without the band).

Naturally d: rocked the house. As ever they played with passion and let the crowd sing quite a lot of the lyrics. Their gigs still remind me more of a worship event than a music event - people love to worship God, and the music the Delirious play is a perfect medium for it. The band seemed to appriciate the crowd and enjoy the event. The music they played was a strange mixture of quite a lot of re-worked CE3/4 songs (serious worship that went down really well) and tunes from their new album, which is much heavier music and less in-your face. Upon hearing the album I have likened at least one tune to sounding very like Blur, with some wacky sounds from the Beatles thrown in. The are moving towards music for the masses, with a Christian theme rather than worship stuff for Christian cliques, which was cool, but is not going to be accepted by the general public.

Overall, another top d:event. I did note that my ears didn't ring that much, even though it was pretty loud. Maybe I'm going deaf...

John Penton. 15.4.99