Things that kill students

This is a serious page. I put it here 'cos these are things that affect a lot of students, but there are students who don't know about them. Read it for your own information and it might just save a life.


A bacterial/viral infection. Meningitis has symptoms similar to 'flu' and kills within hours.

Symptoms may include some of the following:

If anyone is suspected of suffering from menigitis then medical help should be sought IMMEDIATELY. It can be cured, but only if caught in time.

Visit: Meningitis Organisation of America
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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless gas that is produced from incomplete combustion. It repaces oxygen in the blood stream and kills effectivly by asphixiation (sorry about my spelling). It is most commonly produced by gas fires with poor ventilation (eg. blocked flume). Symptoms of CO poisoning are:

A faulty gas fire might show the following:

Carbon monoxide can be detected with a widely available patch which turns black if there are dangerous levels of CO about. By law (in the UK), landlords must have all gas appliances regularly checked by a CORGI registered fitter and have the certificate available.

If you suspect CO build up in a room - act in the same manner as for a gas leak - turn of the fire and open the windows. Do not use the fire again until it has been inspected. Even then be wary of it.

Visit: CO HQ