A load of CCMS quotes

Unfortunately they're mostly mine.

ajp38 (of the cast) "dancing provocatively round poles.."

cr212 "I almost went to bed with my make up on last night"

ajp38 "Hopefully I'll be taking some of the cast back to my room afterwards"

ajp38 "I'm not that dodgy"

ceh35 "huggle bug"

ajp38 (of jdh28) "Give him a good slapping...he likes that"

ajp38 "We don't have enough real men - or women"

dag23 "All the REAL women are spoken for"

cr212 (to dag23) "I'll have the two girls and you take the random bloke"

ajp38 "Didn't I pull one out today"

ceh35 "I know what we can have for pudding...bubbles!"

ceh35 (to ajp38) "your wife's been having an affair!!!"

ceh35 (of hitting jdh28) "I was trying to cross my legs in a very small place and my hand slipped."

Amy (of rdlh2) "she is a bit of a sex kitten"

ajp38 "I'm getting a reputation aren't I?"

ceh35 (sort of) "Chris Reed: more interesting than a spicy noodle."

ceh35 "well we all know about your little fantasies tj"

cr212 "Doh, I just deleted the girlie's Christmas. Whoops."

ceh35 "TJ:what's your favourite way of being tortured?"

mejm2 "Your computer is your willing servant, I'm sure it exists just to flash at you"

jld27 (upon leaving ajp38's room) "Have you got your trousers, Sophie?"

ajp38 "I have a rather sensitive tongue"

ajp38 "...if [the "if" is disputed] I have strong groin muscles"

ceh35 "We should take TJ and Dot home and tuck them up in bed."

cr212 "You can use Linux to pull"

jdh28 "I might keep this stick [and] use it as a whip on my bike"

Judith (of ajp38) "You're a bit wonky"

jlh34 (upon meeting someone new) "Do you wear boxers or y-fronts?"

rldh2 "I've been a man so many times I forget"

rldh2 "I'll be the sleazy old man"

ajp38 "Elle, if I jump on you, I've gone too far." (nb. Elle is in bed at this point)