Experience: Computing

Antony John Penton

Sorry this is just one big list, it seemed like the best way of presenting it.

Operating systems and software
I have experience using the following operating systems:
RISC OS, Windows (most versions since 3.1), UNIX (Sun and HP), Linux, DOS, MacOS.

I have experience with the following (major) packages:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exceed, exim, vim, emacs, Photoshop, Mentor Graphics, TMA Medici, SLIM, Synopsys Design Compiler, Verisity Specman, Modelsim, VCS, Debussy, Vervent TDX

Programming/scripting languages and protocols
I have extensive experience in programming/writing in the following languages:

I have some experience/knowledge of the following languages/protocols:
C, Java, HTML 4, bash, csh, gawk, sed, POP, http, CGI, JavaScript, CSS1, SMTP

System Administration
During my time at Viz-A-Viz I installed SUSE Linux on one of the computers and used it to improve the company internet access. I also performed most of the upgrades and repairs of the office (Windows) computers.
I currently help to administer the IT systems for my church. Principally I oversee the back-end server (Debian Linux) which provides routing, web proxying, email (Exim), NTP etc.

Experience: audio, lighting, video.
Experience: other

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