Degree (subjects and courses studied)

Antony John Penton

Institution: Trinity College, Cambridge (University of Cambridge).

4th Year

Electrical and Information Sciences Part II


Project: Novel semiconductor devices using Silicon-on-Sapphire technology.
Silicon-on-Sapphire is a reasonably well established technology. A thin layer of silicon is fused onto a substrate of artificial sapphire. Devices are built in the silicon layer. The project is novel because it is looking at building power devices on SoS, as opposed to low-power devices that have been built before. SoS looks promising for use in Power Integrated Circuits, since it is an excellent electrical insulator (thus providing isolation between devices) and a good thermal conductor (making it able to disapate any power lost in the device). It has all the advantages of conventional Junction Isolated technology and the advantages of the new Silicon on Insulator technology. My project is initally concerned with simulating and comparing the same LDMOSFET in JI, SOI, and SoS technologies, then with designing devices in SoS.

3rd Year

Electrical and Information Sciences Part I (II.1)

2nd Year

Natural Sciences Part IB (II.2)

1st Year

Natural Sciences Part IA (I)

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