Employment History

Antony John Penton

CPU Engineer: ARM Ltd, 110 Fulbourn Road, Cambridge. October 2001-present.

My work at ARM is involved in all stages of designing synthesisable microprocessors. I have been involved in most stages, from design and implementation through testing, debugging and synthesis, as well as support tasks such as out-of-box testing of releases.

Volunteer Technician: Viz-A-Viz, Dobson House, Bentalls, Basildon, Essex. September 2000-August 2001
I have taken a year out after university to work as a technician for Viz-A-Viz, primarily to serve God using my technical skills but also to test whether I might be called to do this type of work permanantly. I work full-time assisting the permanant technician in providing audio, lighting and video support for all of Viz-A-Viz's activities including local schools' work, touring with the band and theatre company and producing multimedia shows.
When not touring I help with the running of the office, production of publicity material and web-site maintainance. I have also attended, on one day a week (except when touring), the training programme that Viz-A-Viz provides for its volunteers.

Sailing Instructor: Southend Marine Activities Centre, Eastern Esplanade, Southend, Essex. 1993-present.
During the summer I often help at SMAC. In the past I have been paid for this, but I now help on a voluntary basis. Instructing involves teaching in the dinghies (a wide range of people ages 10-80) as well as land-based teaching and lecturing and looking after the centre and its equipment. I have also helped with the running and supervision of the other activities that the centre runs (windsurfing, canoeing, orienteering, problem solving).

Validation Engineer: ARM Ltd., 90 Fulbourn Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge. Summer 1999.
My eight and a half weeks at ARM were spent writing ARM code for the validation of their Embedded Trace MacroCell (part of the Trace suite), and documenting the coverage that the validation suite provided. ARM subsequently sponsored my last year in college.

Work Experience: British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, Cambridge. September 1998. I spent four weeks at BAS, my time split between Engineering Technology Services and Information Technology Services. I performed a wide variety of tasks including; installing and setting up a computer suite, building and testing electronic equipment and helping to maintain the building's phone and LAN network.

Lab Assistant: Maplin Electronics plc., Oak Road South, Hadleigh, Essex. Winter/spring 1995. While I was studying for my A-levels, I worked part-time in the Technical Services Department at Maplin. I helped with the maintance of the building and the computer network (hardware) and built and tested a large number of Maplin's "kits" for reference use by the service department.

Work Experience: Metra Studios, Cologne, Germany. December 1993. Metra Studios is a small recording studio in Cologne. During my two weeks there I helped with the general running of the studio, copying cassettes, setting up the studio and running errands, as well as generally improving my German.

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