Antony John Penton


At church I act as the Fire Safety Office, and lead a team of Fire Marshals. I am also a designated Fire Warden at work.
Have been part of and lead a team of stewards looking after practical and safety matters at Soul Survivor festival (10,000 delegates) for several years.
In addition to being chairperson for CCMS (see above), I was a team leader at the Trinity May Ball 1998.

Through my work as a dinghy sailing instructor I have a lot of experience of in-boat teaching, and giving small lectures. The people I have taught have had a massive range of ability and an age range of 10-80. As part of Science Week 1999, I gave tours of Cambridge Sedgewick (geological) museum, trying to explain something of the significance of the major fossils to adults and children alike.

Most of the coursework that I have done during my degree (from chemistry practicals to electrical design and build projects) have required a report. In addition, my third year "Professional Group Activity" (investigating the systems in a CD player) and my forth year project have required me to give short presentations. When on geological field trips we typically had to give a presentation at the end of each day's study. I have written reports/documents for ARM, BAS and Maplin.


Experience: computing.
Experience: audio, lighting, video

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