Experience: audio, lighting, video

Antony John Penton

Live PA
I have set-up and run live PA on many occasions. This started for productions at school, and has included music and speech at church, for bands, presentations, outdoor events, club events and so on.

Along with a few friends, I helped to start and run a "radio" station at school (broadcast over speakers) which later also incorporated video broadcast. I had a slot on a similar radio station at sixth form college.

Stage lighting
I helped to rig and run lighting for theatrical productions at school and for Benfleet Operatic Society. At university I have designed, rigged and run the lighting for Cambridge Christian Musicals Society on several occasions.

Effects lighting
I have run small rigs of scanners and spots or parcans for bands, multimedia shows and club events.

Projection of text, recorded material and live video relay.

On many occasions I have been involved with more than one, or even all of the technical aspects of an event. Below are listed a few of the events I have been involved with, and rough descriptions of the technical scale.

Experience: computing.
Experience: other

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