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Number 5 - Summer's comin'


Plenty of stuff has happened since I last wrote, so things are going to have to be squeezed in:

SoundNation Didcot: Our week in the schools of Didcot was rather mixed. We were able to do a lot of work in the boys' school, and not very much in the girls' school in the town. However, all the lessons that we took were well received by students and teachers alike. For the end-of-week event we were joined by Adam Swain, a friend of Viz-A-Viz's who brought some of his lights to add to ours, and also DJed. This made for a very big set up (I had three lighting desks to look after - I was pressing buttons with my nose at one point), which we had only a little time to do. Simon, Adam, myself and Tom (from Didcot) were quite stretched, but thankfully it all went reasonably smoothly, and it was great to work with other like-minded technicians.
The event itself was aimed at upper school and sixth-form, which made it quite hard to keep the attention of the audience. We were a little disappointed by how the event was received, but from the reports that we are getting, the follow-up cafe that the churches are running is going well, with lots of young people interested in finding out more. We return to do another event soon.

Three Days Tour: Almost immediately after Didcot, we started touring our new Easter show, "Three Days that changed the world". The majority of the show is a courtroom drama that puts Christianity on trail - and takes a look at some of the evidence. Once again we have been amazed at how well the show was received, and how moved people have been by it.

Spring Harvest: After Easter I went, with the other Viz-A-Viz volunteers and some staff, to Spring Harvest at Minehead. We joined Andy and Joy Clark (Taste) who have helped run the youth programme there for a number of years. We were all working with the 11-13's group "Toast". I worked with the technicians who were there from Grapevine Technical Services with the video (live, pre-recorded and slides) in the venue. I also was able to help with some of the activities. The others were there as small group leaders and to help with the drama and presenting. Adam was there, as were Tomorrow's Girl, a band similar to Taste who recently helped with a school's mission here in Benfleet.
We all worked very hard and came home cream-crackered, but had a fantastic time. There were 10,000 people on site - and 400 kids in our venue. We did a mixture of games, worship and teaching with them. They were encouraged to follow Jesus and to think and pray about others - particularly the persecuted church in other countries. We even had the chance to minister to some of them - talking and praying about their concerns. It was great to see God move amongst the kids, and to see their enthusiasm for worshipping, and praying to Him. One of the boys who became a Christian one night, went round the venue the following night, systematically praying for every member of the team.

Since Spring Harvest, we have been mostly working in the office. In addition to continuing to design the Taste website, I am now making updates to the Viz-A-Viz site. I also hope to bring an office server online soon which IS quite exciting, even though only I think so.

Over the summer I will be going to lots of weddings (four in fact - but hopefully no funerals) and working at a lot of festivals/conferences.

Diary Dates


Pray lots for the kids we were working with a Spring Harvest - many of them now have a real passion and fire for Jesus, worshipping Him, prayer and evangelism. However, some of them are going back home to churches that don't have a lot of time for children. Pray they will remain faithful to God.
I'm still wondering what I should do next year. I shall start panicking soon (but not too badly). I am slowly working it through, and I have loads of possibilities, but every time I think about it I come to a different conclusion.
Just to encourage you all with some answers to things you have been praying for - Viz-A-Viz has now found most of the volunteers needed for the NET next year (though there is still more demand for church based volunteers). And I am now a bit better organised - or at least I know where my to-do list is, and it is steadily going down (then up - then down - then up).


Some of you seem a little confused, so, here is some data from the Oxford English Dictionary. Please carefully note which spellings I use:
techy1 var. of TETCHY
techy2 var. of TECHIE
techie n. (pl. -ies) colloq. an expert in or an enthusiast for technology. [TECH + IE]
tetchy adj. peevish, irritable. [probably from Middle English tecce, tache `blemish, fault', from Old French teche, tache]

What d'ya do on Wednesdays John?

There are seven volunteers working for Viz-A-Viz this year: Ellie, Emma, and Jamie working in local churches, James and Heather in Propaganda? Theatre Company, Andy B working with our band, "Taste" and me in Technical Services.
We all meet each Wednesday to support and pray for each other and to receive training that Viz-A-Viz provides for us as part of the volunteer scheme.
The training sessions cover a wide variety of subjects relating to youth work. They range from academic studies of contemporary culture through to practical drama workshops. We have looked at schools' work, detached youth work, time management techniques, teamwork, leadership, various theological issues etc. etc. A whole load of different people run these training sessions - some from within Viz-A-Viz, and others,
many of whom have been part of Viz-A-Viz in the past.
All of the volunteers have to raise money for their year out, so, as in previous years we are organising a money raising event.
To be specific we will be performing a pantomime: (Yes I'm scared - I wanted to wash cars)
"Cinderella 'n' da Hood"

Book the date in your diaries now - it will be on the 29th of June, at 7:30 in the evening at Billericay Baptist Church. The guys from Propaganda? are working on the script, so you can guarantee some good laughs. We will all be performing in it, so that will guarantee some more laughs.
See you there.

Festival Season

Here is your very own guide to Christian festivals/holidays (some of which I am/have been involved with):

Typically the above have varying amounts of sports and other activities, big worship and teaching meetings, seminars on aspects of the Christian walk, and live Christian music. Mostly camping accommodation.

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