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Number 6 - What Now?


When I last wrote, the summer seemed a while off, and now it is almost over and I appear to have been busy all the way through - I certainly haven't slept in a bed that much.

At the end of June, after about a week's intense rehearsal we (the volunteers) performed our pantomime "Cinders 'n' da Hood" (Cinderella and Robin Hood combined). If you weren't there you missed me playing Prince Charming and Shopkeeper (who was kinda scary). The event went very well - we had great fun performing it, and we raised almost exactly the right amount of money to pay everyone's remaining costs.

Then in July Viz-A-Viz ran SOLID, a youth weekend at Stubber's Activity Centre, and I helped at Praise in the Park, an outdoor worship event in Southend. Both were well attended (despite a little rain) and went smoothly. The main PA at both events was provided by Sound Foundation, a company that Viz-A-Viz has quite close links with. I enjoyed working with them (and some very big systems), and learning from them.

At the end of July most of the Viz-A-Viz staff went to Dovercourt (Harwich) for ten days at Leading Edge. Simon and I were organising the technical requirements for all the venues on the site, helped again by our friend Adam as well as a whole load of technicians we found all over the country. The ten days were long and really hard work, but it all worked alright and the delegates appreciated the work we did. Plus we got to play with Adam's PA rig (which is quite big), a nice projector and loads of nice lights. Okay, this kinda thing only interests technicians - but that is what I am.

Following that, we helped at another Viz-A-Viz project: SET. I was there for the training weekend at the beginning. The young people that were on SET were all very different, but I was really encouraged that they were all really enthusiastic about God and keen to get out and do His work.

From SET I went to Soul Survivor in Somerset, where I was working as a steward. For the first five days I worked nights - patrolling the site at night, and sleeping during the day. For the second half I reverted to a normal sleeping pattern and did normal stewarding duties - manning doors, repairing the site, collecting litter etc. Once again it was really hard work (I slept for two days afterwards), but it was also rewarding to know that we were performing vital duties on the site. I also enjoyed meeting loads and loads of young people (7500 on site each week) - especially on "hug-a-steward" day.

Now I am back in the office for a few days tidying up ready for when I leave and the new volunteers start.

Diary Dates


I have now sorted out what I will be doing next year (don't cheer too much). I have accepted a job offer from ARM Ltd, a British company that designs microprocessors (such as are used in mobile phones etc.). I start work in Cambridge on October 1st - giving me a month to find a house (I have some potential house-mates lined up.) The prospect of doing something for an indefinite amount of time is quite scary, so pray for me.
Please also pray for the other volunteers. Heather is staying with Propaganda? Theatre Company. James is starting a new Viz-A-Viz theatre company, React, aimed at young people. Andy is leaving Viz-A-Viz to work with Ian Henderson on one of the Manchester Eden projects. All the church-based volunteers are staying in ministry or bible college in one form or another. They are all great people so pray for them and their work.
Simon will be looking after two new volunteers (Joe and Stephen) next year, and Technical Services will be serving React, Taste, Propaganda?, the office and the schools' workers. Please pray; they will be very busy.


I haven't put a lot of pictures in my newsletters yet, so, this being the last TJ@Viz-A-Viz, I put loads of pictures in. Naturally the image is big (over 1Mb), so click on the thumbnail below if you want to see it.
TJs random pictures
I know that some of the pictures are quite random. I did it as a way of introducing you to some of the aspects of my life, which is why it is quite odd. It also is quite a distorted representation of the people I know - I haven't included any of my family (I hope you have met them anyway), and I don't have any pictures of most of my friends from Benfleet and Thundersley Congregational Church. I hope it amuses you anyway.

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